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Online Romance Scams

Falling in love with someone you've never met can be dangerous!

Fake internet romances have swindled people out of many thousands of dollars. Con artists are highly skilled at convincing lonely and vulnerable people that they have found true love and then persuade them to send money for various emotional reasons.

These scams are particularly cruel as they take advantage of lonely, trusting people who are looking for love and want to believe they have found it online.

It is a double blow to lose money to a scammer AND be heartbroken that your ‘true love’ does not exist.

Be alert to these Warning signs:

  • Somebody who expresses very strong feelings for you in a surprisingly short time.
  • Communication only by email or text, or even phone can hide someone's true identity.
  • Any request for money for any reason but particularly for medicine, an accident or emotional reasons.
  • Someone wanting you to fund their trip to Australia to be with you.
  • Requests for detailed personal information, especially about your finances.

Scammers usually use fake profile pictures. If they won't face a video call (through Skype or Facetime) they probably have something to hide. Any excuses they give should be treated with great suspicion.