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About Financial Counselling

“Free, Independent, Qualified and Confidential”

A Financial Counsellor helps you sort out your money troubles.

They provide information,support, assistance and advocacy for people in financial difficulty, or who have problems with debt. For example, you might be

  •      Behind on your rent or mortgage
  •      Unable to pay minimum monthly payments on credit cards or loans
  •      Overcommitted with debt
  •      Unable to pay fines or infringements
  •      Worried about your car being repossessed
  •      Contemplating or Facing bankruptcy

They’ll help you stand up for your rights with credit providers, debt collectors and more. They have the experience and knowledge  to work out solutions and strategies for financial difficulty.

Financial Counselling Services are run by a wide range of Government funded, Charity, and non-profit agencies all over Australia and are provided free to individuals and families. Assistance can be provided over the phone, or in face to face meetings.

Financial Counselling services provide independent, impartial advice. They do not provide  ‘Investment advice’, or money, but can assist you with debt issues, and any problems relating to your treatment by credit providers, unjust contracts and financial hardship.

They can also refer to you a range of other community organisations for specialised help on other matters.