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Unclaimed Money Search

It's always nice to find a bit of spare money you'd forgotten about - cash in a jacket pocket, coins down the sofa, change at the bottom of your bag - but the government's pool of unclaimed money grows every year. You can hunt it down and get it back.

Unclaimed money can be:

  • 'lost' superannuation where employees have changed jobs but somehow left super accounts behind, and nobody has noticed
  • old bank accounts closed due to inactivity
  • life insurance policy dividends or refunds
  • shareholdings or dividend payments.

Eventually these forgotten sums end up in a holding account that the government looks after.

You can visit Money Smart to search for any money you might have forgotten about. It may not be enough to make you rich, but at least you'll have what is rightfully yours.

You can also search for unclaimed money through the ATO on your MyGov account and the State Revenue Office Victoria.