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Family Violence

Immediate dangerIf you have been threatened or you are fearful for yourself, a child or a family member – call the police on 000 (Triple Zero).

For support services, information and advocacy, call Safe Steps, a family violence response centre, on 1800 015 188. They are available 24 hours, 7 days per week. Visit their website for further information or resources.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a common aspect of family violence. It involves one partner unfairly controlling or limiting the financial access and knowledge to hold power over their partner or deprive them of basic needs.

Examples are:

  • Withholding sufficient money for basic needs and withholding information about financial affairs affecting the other partner
  • Forcing the other partner to take full financial responsibility for paying all joint household costs while using their income for leisure pursuits, including gambling
  • Restricting access to money that the other partner could use to support leaving the relationship
  • Even after a separation, financial control can continue, such as minimisation or avoidance of  Child Support payments

For more assistance and referral to specialist help, contact WIRE on 1300 134 130 or call the Family Relationship Advice Line 1800 050 321.