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Help with Gambling problems

Many people find themselves in financial difficulty due to problematic Gambling. While relatively few people have serious gambling addiction problems, major money issues can arise with anyone if they gamble with money they can't afford to lose.

Financial hardship due to problem gambling has detrimental effects in many areas; it can impact on relationships, social life, employment, and can lead to poor mental health.

Problem gambling may eventually lead to homelessness, loss of assets if debts cant be paid, or Bankruptcy.


Its vital to take some steps, and seek Counselling by an experienced Gambling Counsellor or Financial Counsellor if you, or somebody you know, shows these problematic gambling behaviours

  • Gambling to avoid dealing with problems or disappointments
  • Skipping work or study to gamble
  • Spending more time gambling than with family and friends
  • Thinking about gambling every day
  • Gambling to win money, or win back money: not just for fun
  • Feeling depressed because of gambling
  • Lying or keeping secrets about gambling
  • Borrowing or stealing money to gamble
  • Gambling for longer periods of time than originally planned, or until every dollar is gone
  • Losing sleep due to thinking about gambling
  • Using bill or rent money for gambling instead
  • Can't stop gambling, or become moody when trying to stop
  • Placing bigger bets for greater excitement


  • Gamblers Help Line 1800 858 858

    The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation offers Help options including phone-based, online, face to face, peer support, and self-help suggestions