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Received a Fine or Infringement?

Fines are issued by courts and infringements by councils, police, and other agencies most often related to parking, traffic, public transport and common offences such as littering.

An Infringement Notice contains the details of the offence, the penalty and payment due date. If you have trouble paying an infringement or feel there is a reason why you should not have to pay, here are your options:


  • Ask for a review.

    If you feel you have a genuine reason why the fine should not apply, you need to contact the issuing body and explain your reasons, asking they review the fine. You should do this before the payment is due.

  • Challenge the fine in court.

    When the matter goes to court a Magistrate decides whether the infringement must be paid and whether or not any additional costs apply. Or they may decide the amount  should be reduced, or even waived.

    WARNING: Seek legal advice or assistance from a Community Legal Centre or Legal Aid on your rights and options before taking this step as you may incur further costs. Weigh up the cost of the fine against the extra costs payable if unsuccessful in court.

  • Request an extension to pay or payment plan.

    Health Care, Pensioner, or Veteran Card holders or anyone in financial hardship can apply to get an extension of time to pay a fine or request an affordable instalment payment plan. Contact phone numbers will be on the infringement notice.

  • You may be eligible for a Centrelink advance of up to $1,000.

    Contact Centrelink to discuss eligibility.

  • Do special circumstances apply ?

    Infringements can be withdrawn by a Court under limited “Special Circumstances” relating to mental health, addiction or homelessness. Full details are here Seek advice from Legal Aid


  • Avoiding or ignoring fines will not help

    it is always better to seek a solution or assistance than avoid contact

  • If fines remain unpaid, costs usually increase.

    Certain things you own (assets) can be taken by the Sheriff to be sold in order to pay off the fines.
    Your car can  be clamped until infringements are paid or an arrangement made.
    Your car registration can be suspended
    Your drivers licence may not be renewed upon expiry.
    Arrest , which may lead to a Community Work Permit, or even imprisonment

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