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Funeral Expenses

At a difficult and emotional time, planning, and working out how to pay for a funeral can seem overwhelming. Funerals usually cost thousands and funds are often required up front.

Compare the costs and services of at least two funeral providers. Don’t be afraid to ask for detailed costs and avoid being sold any unnecessary extras which can add up quickly.


  • Bank accounts

    In most cases bank accounts of the deceased are frozen upon death but the bank may release a portion of funds to pay funeral costs. You will need to contact the bank and provide paperwork such as death certificate and funeral bills. They may choose to only release funds to the funeral director.

  • Super fund.

    Many super funds will include insurance cover for death and disability. If you are the nominated beneficiary try contacting the deceased’s super fund, or their employer for fund details and make an enquiry.

  • Centrelink bereavement allowance

    You may qualify for a bereavement allowance through Centrelink which is an additional benefit payment to welfare recipients.

  • Early release of your own superannuation.

    Funeral expenses are one of the limited reasons that may enable early release of superfunds. ***s

  • Funeral insurance or pre-payment?

    Could there be an insurance policy for funeral costs or a pre-paid funeral arranged by the deceased? You may need to check their records to see what coverage may have been arranged.