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Avoid Phone Disconnection

If you don't pay your home phone bill your telephone service can be disconnected. Here are some options to try and avoid this happening:



Options for Help

  • Ask your phone company for Hardship Assistance.

    The phone provider may allow a bill extension, instalment payment plan or a cost reduction on your service.

  • Can the Ombudsman help?

    If your bill is in dispute or you are not granted Hardship assistance, you could lodge a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). Your phone can’t be disconnected while the TIO is investigating your case.

  • Telstra "InContact" Service.

    Telstra customers (with pension or health care cards) may be eligible for this free service. It limits usage to incoming calls and outgoing emergency and services calls only.
    Your normal service is suspended while you are repaying bill arrears. Contact Telstra for more information 13 22 00.


  • If disconnected, fees may be charged for re-connection

    Re-connection fees may be waived in cases of financial hardship.

Key Contacts

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
Phone: 1800 062 058

Phone: 13 22 00

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