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Credit Card Help

Paying just the minimum monthly balance on your credit card is a slow and expensive way to reduce the debt, but if you can't afford even the minimum then it can cost you further in fees and charges.

If you fall behind, ultimately the bank may start legal action to recover money from you.  

Its always best to speak to your bank early, as soon as you find yourself in financial trouble. By acknowledging you are in hardship the Bank can apply hardship assistance.

Help Options:

  • Do you have Consumer Credit Insurance?

    Sometimes included, or optional with Credit Cards, this insurance may pay out if your financial problems are due to unemployment, injury or illness. Speak to your card provider or check your contract.

  • Request Hardship Assistance

    Contact the card provider to request Hardship Assistance. Outstanding payments may be deferred, or reduced to help you afford the debt

  • Seek an Ombudsman review

    If Hardship assistance is not granted, an Ombudsman may review whether you have been fairly treated.


  • Tempted to get an extra card?

    Transferring your debt to a low interest card may save interest, but often leads to greater debt if you don’t cut up the old cards as well. Its a risky strategy and needs great discipline to succeed.

Key Contacts

FInancial Services Ombudsman
Phone: 1300 78 08 08

Credit & Investments Ombudsman
Phone: 1800 138 422

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