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Mobile Phone ‘Bill Shock’

Mobile phone bills can be a huge shock because, if you're not careful, it’s very easy to exceed your monthly allowance - especially on a shiny new phone you just can't put down!

Here are some tips for dealing with painful mobile phone bills and avoiding them in the future:

Help options

  • Contact your phone provider to discuss.

    They might allow you a discount/bill reduction/payment plan. They may even write off a large amount if it’s your first such ‘bill shock’, but maybe not a second time.

  • Telecommunication Ombudsman.

    If you dispute the bill amount or feel the service provider has acted unreasonably, consult the Ombudsman who may look in to your issue.

  • Avoid a shock with 'Usage Alerts'.

    Set up SMS alerts to warn you before you reach the monthly allowance limit. You should then limit your usage until the next month begins.

  • Review your mobile plan.

    A different phone plan may suit your particular needs. Do you need more data or call time or texts? Speak to your service provider.

Best Way to avoid:

  • Prepaid is always a safer option.

    A Prepaid phone is a safer option to limit your costs in advance. You can only use what you can afford to pay up front and then top up if you need more.

  • Use WiFi where possible.

    WiFi data use at home or in public will reduce your data download costs.