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Home Loan Help


Managing your home loan is a top priority for most people, and any difficulties can cause major stress.  But there are options to assist in most circumstances:

Urgent Help Options:

  • Ask your bank/lender for hardship assistance.

    This may get you through a period of difficulty and allow you to improve your finances. See our ‘Financial Hardship’ Section

  • Victorian Government Mortgage Relief Scheme

    You may be eligible for an Interest Free Loan toward arrears . See link below

  • Check your insurance coverage

    If your financial difficulties are a result of injury or sickness, check if you have insurance to help pay your bills in this situation. Contact your Super Fund or Life insurer.

  • Early access to Superannuation

    You may be entitled to Early Release of Superannuation, up to $10,000-00 under very strict conditions, to help pay your mortgage. Contact your super fund

  • Reprioritize your other household bills

    Seeking Hardship Assistance on other bills could help you better afford the urgent costs of your mortgage

  • Can the ombudsman help?

    If your lender does grant Hardship Assistance you can lodge a complaint with Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) This may give you time to improve your financial position, and could prevent any legal action if threatened.

  • Consider selling your home

    Maybe a last resort but this may be a better outcome than the bank forcing a sale against your will.


  • Don't avoid contact with your lender

    Don’t avoid or ignore contact from the bank or lender, especially letters you receive. Dealing with problems early can often avoid bigger issues. Keeping them informed will improve their chances to help you.