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Budgeting Help

There are many categories of financial assistance available from Centrelink to help with the expenses of daily life for people on low incomes or unable to work in the paid workforce.

  • Energy rebates
  • Rental assistance
  • Family payment
  • and more.

Ensure you are receiving all the help you can obtain for your situation. If you're unsure check the Centrelink website or seek an appointment with a Financial Capability Officer.

Plans such as Centrepay and Easyway can help you budget for your regular expenses by allocating  a fixed amount per fortnight to cover many of your bills.

Money Management:

A key rule of money management is careful allocation of your money across ‘Needs’ versus ‘Wants’.

  • Needs are the basic requirements you can’t do without.
  • Wants are the optional extras that can make it easy to overspend.

A Financial Capability Officer can help you establish a budget and spending plan to help you put money aside for your expenses on a regular basis. An ideal spending plan covers your bill priorities and basic necessities and identifies what is left for debt payment and wants.

Warning about Short term loans:

Tempted to get a Payday loan or short-term loan? These loans are often easy to obtain but very expensive to repay, often leading to bigger and bigger debts. Click here for alternative sources of affordable finance.