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Scared to Open the Mail?

If you just keep getting bills, reminders and warnings it's easy to just stop opening your mail.  You might end up with a bag full of unopened envelopes and a fear of the Postie but avoiding things is not a solution.

Here’s a process to tackle a daunting pile and narrow it down to a few key items. It can change your mindset from 'fear' to 'action' and start you on track to resolving your financial worries.

Immediate actions you can take

  • Open just one letter and throw away the envelope.

    Unopened mail looks bigger than it is. Half of the paper in the pile is just envelopes so you’ve already reduced the pile of paper!

  • Repeat step 1 until all envelopes are opened.

    One envelope at a time. Throw the envelopes. Keep the letters.

  • Sort mail into small groups.

    Group by topic or sender: eg credit card / gas bill / loan.

  • Sort each group by date order.

    Oldest on bottom and most recent letter on top.

  • Select only the newest letters.

    Take the newest letter from each pile, or anything received in the last month, and put these in a folder. You’ll probably find that you’ve received the same letter from the same company several times so just refer to the latest one.

  • Put aside the older letters.

    Put all the remaining letters aside in a box. Don’t throw them away just yet. Most will be outdated copies of the newest letters.

  • Feeling better?

    Your handful of newest letters should be far less daunting than dozens of unopened letters.

    Next step: search our help topics or contact a Financial counsellor.