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Relationships under Stress

Money problems don’t just hurt your finances!

Financial stress or any anxiety can also affect your physical health as well as put your relationships under great pressure:

  • people under stress can be moody and irritable and might argue over the slightest thing
  • communication can break down
  • couples might blame each other for a problem when nobody is at fault
  • anger and hurt can build up.

While Financial Counselling can help address your money issues and reduce that anxiety, the strain placed on a relationship may not be so easily undone.

Consider relationship counselling if you feel your relationship has changed or doesn’t seem as easy as it was, or if you are having difficulty communicating.

Better Place Australia provides counselling for individuals, couples and families. We can help you overcome the difficulties you’ve had and strengthen relationships for the future.

Help for couples:

  • How to deal with conflict, avoid blame and arguments and discover strategies to tackle problems together.
  • Create the environment for open communication and rebuild trust in the relationship.
  • Set some common goals and improve your teamwork.

Help For Individuals:

  • Improve your confidence.
  • Help with decision making.
  • Cope better with the challenges of life.

Contact Better Place Australia on 1800 639 523 for further information.